Hi πŸ‘‹

I am Jay!

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I am a Software Engineer specializing in Full Stack Web Development and recently, I've also developed a keen interest in Machine Learning Research. I am interested in researching Neural Network Architectures and applications of Machine Learning in Cryptography and Cybersecurity!

Motivation behind this blog:

Make content that is worthy of your time (and mine too).

What content should you expect from this blog?

I write tutorials on Softwares (mostly open-source) and Machine Learning.

  1. The open-source software tutorials I tend to write are guides towards installation or usage to boost productivity or both. The main idea is that you cannot find these on the first or second page of Google Search (unless one of them is from this blog πŸ˜›). The main motivation behind this: I faced problems setting it up or finding it on my own and did not find any goto solution for the same.
  2. The Machine Learning kick start tutorials are mainly aimed towards providing a short introduction to the topic. These tutorials always contain a Jupyter Notebook to run the model on your own to see how it works in action. I write these blogs with more of an application perspective but I do include links that'll explain the concept much better. There are generally named as Train your first... : which basically means that the blog will provide tutorial for the first run and from the second run onwards, it is all you!
  3. [As of April, 2021] As I am fairly a neophyte when it comes to ML Research, I have also started writing blogs on popular concepts with valuable explanatory information in order to induce the logic behind the applied model. The inspiration for these blogs comes from papers/books/courses I have been doing on Machine Learning. These blogs can be reproduction of a paper & the model mentioned in it (if I can train it) or a different (more tractable) model which can be trained efficiently. As always, these blogs will also contain Jupyter notebooks to replicate the results that I publish.

Frequency of Publishing:

I'll be publishing 1-2 blogs per month depending on my bandwidth with other commitments.

Thumb Rule:

I tend to keep the reading time on the blogs that come under 1. and 2. at most 7 minutes as per this study. For the blogs that come under 3. - there is no upper bound on the reading time.

Am I tracking your data through this blog?
Short Answer: Not really. (Appropriately) Long Answer: So, on my part I use two tools that can track yourdata on this blog: 1. Cloudflare [https://cloudflare.com] - As a big fan of this company, I use it to manage all my domains. So, as a part of Cloudflare I get access to their DNS Anal…
Newsletter Subscription Terms
Hi Stranger! Now that you are pondering on subscribing to my newsletter, here a few thingsthat I’d like to mention about it: 1. With the strict data protection policy [https://blog.jaysinha.me/privacy/] that I have on this blog, please be sure that upon submitting your email address for…

Find my Portfolio here.

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