Am I tracking your data through this blog?

Short Answer: Not really.

(Appropriately) Long Answer: So, on my part I use two tools that can track your data on this blog:

  1. Cloudflare - As a big fan of this company, I use it to manage all my domains. So, as a part of Cloudflare I get access to their DNS Analytics that share data like: Unique Visitors, Countries from which requests are being made, Percent Cached etc. However, any of this data cannot tell me if anybody is visiting the blog or any other website that is on my subdomain and in no way, can this tell me who you are or even what city you are accessing the blog from (simply, it is non-personally-identifying data). The requests made on the main domain is what I see. Find relevant (actual) screenshots from my Cloudflare Dashboard below:

2.  BuyMeACoffee - To my surprise (for a startup), these folks do not collect any personally-identifying information. They collect some normal metrics like browser type, language preference, referring site, etc. You can read more about the privacy policy of BMC here. I don't have access to whatever data they do collect.

I do not have Google Analytics enabled on this website and will not have it enabled anytime in the future.

What about the Subscribe option on the blog?

You can use Firefox Relay (and yes, it's Free) which will obscure your real email by providing a relay email that will forward inbound emails to your personal email. It's highly helpful when you don't want to share your personal e-mail address.

You can choose to use Brave Browser with AdGuard extension to save yourself from ads and tracking in general and completely from this blog.

Moreover, you can choose to configure AdGuard DNS on your router that will save you from ads on some popular platforms as well.

As a proponent of online privacy and accessible education, my sole concern through this blog is to provide no-strings-attached content that will be worth your time and on my part, worth my time creating it.

You can choose to support me through BMC ( if you feel like it).