Bookmarked Articles

Below are some very insightful and/or highly helpful articles that I have read.

[Note: The articles below are not meant as endorsements to the views outlined in their content.]

Pick one and enjoy!

[Word of Caution: Some of these articles might have dark overtones, pick articles depending on your mood!]

Commodity of Doom - The Baffler

How to Become an Intellectual in Silicon Valley - The Baffler

We Keep You Alive - The Baffler

10 Days That Changed History - NYT

The Short Tenure and Abrupt Ouster of Banking’s Sole Black C.E.O. - NYT

How Can You Be an Ally? Go to a Black-Owned Bank - NYTimes

Three Words. 70 Cases. The Tragic History of ‘I Can’t Breathe.’ - NYTimes

Going Postal - Book Forum

The Man Who Refused to Spy - The New Yorker

JK Rowling and the Wardens of Woke - The Critic

A Transit Workers Survival Story - The New Yorker

Review: ‘The Vow’ Follows Nxivm Down Dark, Damaging Paths - NYT

A Freshly Killed Chicken Is Mightier Than the Coronavirus - NYT

There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing - NYT

Scientific Publishing Is a Joke - The Atlantic

The Abiding Scandal of College Admissions - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Naked Confessions of the College-Bound - NYT

Former Yale admissions officer reveals secrets of who gets in - New York Post

[Opinion] How clothing and climate change kickstarted agriculture - Aeon Mag

Group think: why art loves a crowd - The Guardian

[Opinion] How Michel Foucault Lost the Left and Won the Right- NYT

[Opinion] Juneteenth Is a National Holiday Now. Can It Still Be Black? - NYT

When Graphs Are a Matter of Life and Death - The New Yorker

The Little Hedge Fund Taking Down Big Oil - NYT

Hey, Alexa, What Can You Hear? And What Will You Do With It? - NYT

Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t. - NYT

The 115 workers who helped keep New York alive during its darkest months. - NYT

The Friendship That Made Google Huge - The New Yorker

Requiem for a Dream - The New Yorker

We all play the status game, but who are the real winners? - The Guardian